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The Advanced Way:
Multimodality Radioligand Theranostic
Novel Drug for Disease Management

At Antelope Surgical Solutions, Inc., we're passionate about building new innovative products that will disrupt the medical biotech industry. Since 2020, we've built a GMP manufacturing facility with robotic high throughput synthesis capability. Our multimodality single-agent diagnostic, radiotherapeutic and fluorescent image-guided surgical small molecule is made with our patented, first-in-class, chemical syntheses that is the key driving force behind our Biotechnology Startup. Our team of professionals is here to inspire you with our unique ideas and abilities. 

Redefining the field of image guided surgery


Definitive in vivo identification of tumors and metastases during surgery

PET/MR/CT/US/SPECT provides inadequate resolution to clearly define the spatial boundaries of lymph node metastases and positive margins, thus limiting the information available to surgeons during operations. Antelope Surgical Solutions has preliminary data on image-guided surgery and plans to develop additional imaging agents for future applications.

GMP Synthesis

Current development pipelines for single-modality diagnostic imaging agents range from eight to ten years, averaging $100-200M, Antelopes pipeline currently has two imaging agents, with future plans to add more.

Proprietary Solutions 

We aim to have the first multimodality radioligand therapeutic agent approved by the US Food and Drug Administration on the market.

Streamlining of long-term pipelines in accordance with GMP standards

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